Black Mouth Cur puppies Information and Pictures

Black Mouth Cur Puppies:

Black mouth cur puppies are also suitable for family. It is medium size hunting and guard dog. That derived from United Stated of America.

Description:Black Mouth Cur Puppies

The black mouth cur puppies have a strong muscled. It is a sharp ushering and hunting dog. And derived from the USA. The black mouth cur coat comes in a variety of colours and shades. Such as red, buckskin, or yellow.

Black Mouth Cur have a wide chest, ears that are low hangings and square shaped muzzle. BMCs are also herding and can chase big or small game. They are also a family dog. The BMCs can do anything for his master.


 The Black mouth cur puppies have short coats and also a combination of 2 types may appear the same. BMCs coat comes in many of colours. Such as red, buckskin, or yellow. And the Black Mouth Cur have a wide chest, low-hanging ears.  And the tail of black mouth cur can be long, medium or bobtailed. The name “Black Mouth” refers to the dark black colour around the lips and also extends into the inside of the mouth including the cheeks, gums, and roof of the mouth. The Pads of BMCs are large, tough, and well cushioned and have webbed big feet similar to Catahoula’s. So, their coat can be dense and short.


The Black Mouth Cur will reach an average weight 40 – 90 pounds.


The Black Mouth Cur will reach an average height of between 16-25 inches.


The Black mouth cur is very sensitive and very protective breed of children. And are the very social dog if trained them properly.  By nature, they are very smart and need to bond 2 weeks with their trainer/owner before start the training. And these breeds are good for a family as long as the family gives them some time to care them. They have an even temperament and will give their lives protecting their family. They should not be trusted with non-canine pets. They don’t like to live alone full day and so they get anger. So, they must need some exercise daily to avoid anxiety and depression.


The black mouth cur puppies need lots of exercises, a daily play, and runtime with its family. They are easy to groom and only require occasional combing and brushing to remove the dead hairs. They need the bath only when necessary.

Training:Black Mouth Cur Puppies

As the BMCs are very sensitive and extremely intelligent dog. And they don’t respond to harsh, rude, words. So you cannot train them by using heavy training methods. Because they can get bored very easily, so it is advised to take the short training sessions. And the training might take a few weeks.


As the BMCs are hunting dog so the only require a good exercise. They need plenty of room to do best and when given a long daily walk. Remember that the only one long run daily Is not enough to keep them active and happy. By giving proper training the BMC can do all kind of tasks that you could imagine. That can pull weight, run in coursing events and also can work as a Rescue or Search dog.

Interesting Facts:

These facts will be beneficial for you when you are going to train or buy a Black Mouth Cur Puppies:

  • The black-muzzled variety of these dogs is mostly preferred and sought for, so any other variation in colour (tan/same as the coat colour) is considered a fault.
  • As they are basically the purebred dog. So recently then black mouth cur mixes have also been introduced by breeders like the black mouth cur pit-bull mix, the black mouth cur-lab mix etc.
  • The AKC group has categorised these breed as ‘Rare’.
  • You can train the BMCs to be alert by using some commands as Stop, Lie, and Come etc.



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Updated: October 2, 2016 — 7:39 pm

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