Caucasian Mountain Dog Breed information & Pictures

Caucasian Mountain Dog:

Caucasian mountain dog is also called the Caucasian ovcharka dog. It is an ancient breed. Caucasian mountain dog For at least 600 years they have been guarding livestock!At that times the breed has not changed often even their teeth are longer than any other breed. So they are very strong, have long hairs and large in size. And they have a heavy coat.

They are very intelligent dogs but sometimes they did not listen. When they saw unknown people they can be aggressive and if they don’t handle carefully they can be dangerous for others. By training, this problem can be solved.

People keep these dogs for safety. They protect their family and property from the bear, sheep, and many other dangerous things. When they saw that their family member is in danger they attack. They don’t like to sit idle so they always need a job.


  • Their height usually between 64 to 77 cm 25 to 30 inches and weight is 36 to 80 kg.
  • Their expected life is 10 to 12 years.
  • They are in different colors like white, fawn, pied, cream with black mask. Rust, gray, and tan.
  • Their eyes are normally brown r medium sized.
  • Teeth are white well defined and sharp like Scissor.
  • The neck is powerful and short.
  • Back is broad and straight.
  • The tail is highest and hanging downward .
  • Feet are large oval and well firm. They move free and unhurried.


They are very healthy dogs but like some other dogs, they also have some health problems like heart diseases obesity etc .The ears of dogs are normally cropped. If someone takes good care of them their health issues can be reduced and they can live a healthy life. They should treat as a family member, take them with you when you go outside 2, 3 times in a week.


Caucasian mountain dogs are very dangerous. So, it is very important to train them. They can be unwilling to learn but it is important to control them .These dogs formed the obedience from the age of 0-9 months so trainers should train them from an early age like 7-8 months old. Caucasian mountain dogThey should train at homes because puppy training school are not a good option for them. So they can’t tolerate others dog easily and can be dangerous for them in a puppy school. It is very important to socialize the dogs and tell them that not all humans are enemies, start this training from their early age. To keep them in homes with young children is not recommended because of their powerful bodies.
Caucasian mountain dogs can be the good family member if they properly train and socialize .They need routine bathing and nail clipping for grooming.

  • And he has the thick double coat by this he can be protected from cold and moisture.
  • He has long coat and feathers out on the tail and around the legs.
  • He also has mane and fluff between his toes.
  • They can survive very well in cold and outdoor climate due to his coat.

Caucasian Mountain Dog can protect you from any type of danger if you train them.  They know where the part ofCaucasian mountain dog his victim’s body is and reach there .In order to attack someone’s face, these dogs stand on their back legs to reach over six feet in height. When puppies are three weeks old they show their aggression.


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