Chihuahua Pug Mix Best & Complete Guide

chihuahua pug mixes characteristics and Pekingese


Chihuahua pug mix is also being seen as a designer of hybrid dogs as well. 5ec3a5a6028a592b946b51f8f8d2143cThey have also nicknames. Such as pug and Chihuahua separately. As the name suggest Chihuahua-pug mix breed. Then there must be a breed that is similar to 50 percent as Chihuahua. And 50 percent as a pug.

There are also some many varieties of them. Which might get too long if we go deep into details they can gain their characteristics from any of their half forms as well. At some point, many of us noted their temperature. It has been always in normal condition and gives no such negative reading or monitoring on the screen.



Chihuahua pug mix can’t be placed fully open near a child. Because they can bite so hence on this point. The dog is not for a safety of the child.


Weight:chihuahua pug mix dog

In terms of their weight, they measure somewhere in between of 12 to 20 pounds approximately. Due to their very small size, they can’t intake the amount of cold weather. As well as for hot intake weather too. And same goes for the breeds of Chihuahua.

Their muzzle is longer and stronger than that off the muzzle breeds of pigs, so the size of their actually gradually increasing as long as time passes. Hence they take over the rule from Chi breed as well.

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They are available in a variety of colors Such as tan, cream, brown, black, merle, gray and trim colors as well. However, they have also mix colors or mix spot on their whole side of the body.


The problem in weather is caused due to the coat that can’t shed for longer is problematic. It can be cured by giving them the right nutrition’s, proteins, vitamins, their very own special food, and drink as well. They need brush on regular time. Daily care for your dogs is one of the most hardest and frustrated things to do But it also one of the most important things to do also.



Chihuahua pug mix teeth and nail clipping is also to be done on regular terms. We recommend you that this can only be down by owner or any kind of dog professional or even specialist can do the work. The problem which is caused common in this breed is the periodontal problem; nearly 80 percent of this breed is suffering from.Chihuahua pug mix

Chihuahua pug mix


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