Best way of Cutting Dog Nails without Bleeding :

When we need to cut our dog nails:

Cutting dog nails should be trimmed down once in a week. Because they run on the soft, hard and slippery surface as well.cutting dog nailsIn some cases as for human, their claws can get any type of damage or even broken too.It’s because they are running on the hard surfaces. Such as stone or carpets whereas their claws can stick into carpets . And can be turned into pieces. If you notice any sound of their clicking. While they are running or moving slowly on any kind of surface. Then it’s time for you to trim their nails. Now, their nails can’t be done same as goes for humans.

They have a different type of claws and momentum in them. Which cannot be done regularly or the same way as for humans? Most of the dogs keep their feet steady. Which helps you to cut them down easily. Not all dogs hold their feet steadily. some of them do and those some of them are specially trained for such cases. As the dogs can be intelligent as a two-year-old boy, so they can learn this thing easily. To do this easily, give your dog a meat or any of his favorite dish, go to on walk with him, giving him a couple of hugs and most importantly scratch your fingers on his head or around the neck. Which makes them so comfortable and easier to hold so.

cutting dog nailsHow to cut:

Now if you want to go things without any kind of risk, then ask the professional for trimming them down or better. Watch any procedure or video of it. Where the whole case scenario is described. Now you have to keep a little bit of knowledge of your pup’s claws as well.

As their paws grow twice as faster as human nails but it, they have a line which is pink it’s visible. When their law gets bigger. Now this pink line is inside the nail which gives the blood to claws. Cutting dog nails are not easier as it looks. You need to avoid and not to cut that pink line because it’s sensitive and reacts quickly to drain some blood to the outside. Now to cut them, follow these steps carefully:

Tools and Tips:

  • Use those scissors which are sort of clippers. Don’t use Guillotine style clippers they surely damage the toe which is a lot of painful. Remember; never put your pup’s whole claws inside a clipper.
  • To have better control and grip use only small sized clippers. If you have giant breed then you probably have to with large ones.cutting dog nails
  • Keep your tools new or get them sharp.
  • First, give them shape by Pedi-paws to grind them smoothly.
  • Use the starch of a little corn if the bleeding has started, they will surely make the claw leak and shall cut his shallow which sounds rare in some numerous cases too.
  • Cutting dog nails are easiest if you use the right products and especially a material then came in a small container with right packed powder.
Updated: August 25, 2016 — 7:24 pm

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