German Shepherd lab mix best and complete guide

German shepherd Lab Mix Dog

German shepherd Lab MixDog breeding
is becoming really popular. The most loveable breed for me is when you get German shepherd and a
Labrador retriever together and outcomes are known as the German shepherd. In this article, you will get all the information about this dog.This article may help you while purchasing this dog. If you have this dog already you will be able to know many things about your dog which are not known to you. Different names have for this dog like Labra Shepherd, Sheprador, and Labrador Shepherd. But this dog is mostly called as the German shepherd lab mix. This name is easier to accredit for those who don’t have an idea about the word mix.


As this dog is a result of two different breeds German shepherd and a Labrador retriever, it looks like both breeds. The male dog is 24 to 26 inches tall at the top f the shoulders and female are 22 to 24 inches smaller than the male dog. The weight of the male dog is between 65 to 80 pounds and the female dog has the weight between 50 to 90 pounds. These dogs are larger than other dogs. The dog can be in different colors like brown, blue, black, black and tan, white and yellow. By face and back its look like Labrador and by legs and stomach looks like Shepherd. Mostly eyes color is brown.

Behavior and temperament:

Like German shepherd, German shepherd lab mix is very timid or conservative while dealing with strangers. He is energetic like Labrador but not all the time. If you are looking for a friendly and lovely dog then this dog is a perfect option for you. There should be many chewable toys around him because chewing is his habit. He feels happy when he plays with his owner and family member. This dog will easily mix with other pets if trained properly. Shepard’s barks infrequently. When they kept separated for hours he feels lonely and tedium.

Need of training and exercise:

For Shepard’s a lot of activities are required every day which includes jogging, running, playing and mental stimulation. By these activities, they will be happy, fresh and smart. They can be survived in different conditions easily. These will train more easily due to their smartness and intelligence. They are very quick learners so teach them new tricks. So train your Labrador Shepherd when they are so young. They will stick to that habits which they learn from their early age.

Feeding and life expectancy:

Your Labrador Shepherd normally can survive for 12 to 13 years. All type of foods of dogs can provide to your dog rather than chicken and mutton. Because it may cause skin allergy in your pets. They can gain weight easily so overeating should be avoided .The quantity of food should be 3,4 cups for food and water.


Different activities are included for their grooming which is following:

  1. Brush teeth 3 times a day
  2. Wash them with dog shampoo because human shampoo is harmful to their skin
  3. Cuts their nails on regular basis
  4. Brush their coat daily
  5. Clean their eyes and ears regularly.

Health problems:

Its large size and high weight is a cause of hip dysplasia. Eye disease, skin allergies and irritations, bloat, food allergies, heart problems, ear infection and cold tail are different health issues for your German shepherd lab mix dog .

German shepherd Lab Mix

German Shepherd Lab Mix

German shepherd Lab Mix mid

German shepherd Lab Mix

German shepherd Lab Mix

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