How To Stop A Puppy Biting easy and step by step method

How To Stop A Puppy Biting easy and step by step method

How to stop a puppy biting is one of the most frequent asked questions now a day. Well, it’s in the puppy nature to bite everything they see. How To Stop A Puppy BitingThere are many reasons for their bite such as

  • They are bored,
  • They are hungry,
  • They are sleepy or they are angry who knows.

Not only because they can’t say doesn’t anything mean we don’t know what they want or what they are trying to say.

What Experts Says:

Many experts on a different level of animals can conclude from

  • walking
  • from their behavior
  •  from their sound can exactly tell you the problem of your puppy also what they want.

As long as their teeth start to grow up they usually bite and chew everything they see. And there this behavior hence starts from their young hood which is an adult age for paws. They newly recognize thing near them, later on, they manipulate them and then the behavior starts a new journey.’

In the beginning, this may seem cute and adorable but as long as they grow up their teeth’s also get sharp and longer. Most important part is they even don’t know how hard they are biting to us. At some point, your finger may bleed as well. Here following are ones for how to stop a puppy biting:


Taught them some useful skills or learn them about your feelings. Tell them, show them how you feel
and react in numerous cases. Commonly if they bite you say loud YIP they will feel that they hurtled you.

How To Stop A Puppy BitingGood Behavior:

Teaching those manners and good behavior is one the sign to show what is your choice and praise. Suppose when your puppy gets said or back off. Make sure your convince them a lot and start playing again, cause animals feels too. Keep this procedure with you every time, shall soon he will avoid biting and will become gentler.


As in the young age they really want to bite everything they saw or chew them. So one of the most effective ways. Is that give them a toy or toy bone so that they can make their habit on it, whereas on the other hand avoiding the real hand, feet or nose to bite on.

Play with them:How To Stop A Puppy Biting

Another very effective and redirection way is to play with them for a long period of time. If he
starts to bite you play a rolling ball with him or try to play a tug of war as well. Or if he pretends to play a fetch then

go to your garden or any place outside and throw his favorite ball color or Frisbee to play with you the puppy.


Exercise means to do walking with your little bit down there. They feel so fresh and comfortable to enjoy the fresh air and meet some new friends as well. As they get enough exercise each day the more safely they will become. Also teach them to play fetch, Frisbee or tug of war is also acceptable.

Professional Guide:

Hire any of professional lady or men that know a lot of puppies. Watch them how they teach them, play with them, talk to them and so much more. This is the most effective and fast learning way for how to stop a puppy biting.

Updated: August 24, 2016 — 11:40 am

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