long haired German shepherd fact and Pictures

 Long haired German shepherd:Short haired German shepherd

The long haired German shepherd is different from short-haired German shepherd on the basis of his coat length. They have long hair in their coat. This dog is the result of a genetic error. This breed is rare and popular among those people who love dogs with long hair. Long coat German shepherd is another name of this dog. Two short hair German shepherds can give birth to a long haired GSD if they have this gene in DNA.


The long length of hair, texture, and color differentiates them from short hair German shepherds. Everything else is like other Germans the body shape, size and weight. The height of male long haired GSD can between 24 to 26 inches and weight can 66 to 88 pounds .Similarly, the height of female long hair GSD can 22 to 24 inches and weight can 51 to 73 pounds.

Difference between long and short coat German shepherd:

Long coat German shepherd has no undercoat like the short coat German shepherd. Short coat GSD can’t survive in winter’s long coat GSD. But they can be comfortable more than short hair GSD in summer due to their single coat. These German shepherds have shinier hair than general German shepherds due to one coat. Shiny hair makes them more beautiful than other German Shepherd dogs .They have the tuft of hair around their ears, between toes and a tail which is thicker than general German shepherds hairs. They have big nails.


These GSD has more good and obedient behavior towards its owner rather than general German shepherds.long haired German shepherdDue to his friendly or balance attitude, he is called a good family dog. He behaves in good manners with children, owner, and other family members. Even they protect your children as they have protective nature. Your children can also sit on his long hair back and enjoy. This dog will protect you from any danger due to his friendly and protective nature.


It is difficult for them to live in different weather conditions due to single coat. They don’t have a waterproof undercoat like a short hair German shepherd. For herding and hunting long coat GSD are not supposed to be perfect. Lack of waterproof undercoat did not provide them extra heat in winters.



Long haired German shepherd shed a lot due to his long hair length and trapped in his long hair coat. As these dogs shed a lot you should have a vacuum cleaner for cleaning their hair immediately .Brush their hair two times in a week with a metal brush. Brush their hair before bathing if dust stuck in hair .The amount of natural oil is less so, bath them when needed. Clean their ears regularly because wax stick there. Nail trimming is also important on the daily basis.


Health problems:

They suffer from same health issues like general German shepherd which includes hip and elbow dysplasia and digestive issues. But the disorder is another health problem which is faced by long haired German shepherd due to the wrong breed. The life expectancy of his is 9 to 13 years. If you want to keep this dog then it is important for you to take him to the vet so, that he diagnose the disease on early stage and your dog enjoys healthy life .Regular exercise is important for long coat GSD to avoid such diseases.

Images of long haired German shepherd:


long haired German shepherd


long haired German shepherd


long haired German shepherd


long haired German shepherd


long haired German shepherd


long haired German shepherd


long haired German shepherd


long haired German shepherd


long haired German shepherd


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