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Natural Balance Dog Food are produced is a holistic dog food. Invented by Dick Van Patten in 1989. Ant the main purpose to invent this food is to provide a chance Natural Balance Dog Food Reviewsto dog owners to feed their dog holistic food instead of other low-quality dog foods. Nowadays the natural balance is a brand name in the dog food market by its quality Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews.


Natural Balance Dog food is one of the best foods according to the dog owners and veterinarian. The most of the natural balance dog foods are based on good meat and don’t have a quantity of Filler material. So it is the healthier food for any dog. And the dogs also enjoy the meal. It is also reasonable for finicky stomachs. But like other dog foods and according to Natural Dog Food Reviews there are some main problems with this brand.

You can find it easily as this is mostly available on every dog food store. And this is also with a reasonable price with high-quality ingredients. It is a healthy and tasty food for all dogs.         It is generally good reviewed by dog owners. This is suitable for all kind of dog such as large breed or for the small breed. Due to his high-quality ingredients and good taste dogs are like this food very much.

We noticed that there are some dog owners saying that their dog does have stomachs problem after feeding them Natural BALANCE. But we also noticed that there is some older dog owner saying that their dog has some more energy after feeding them the Natural Balance.

Reviews of Natural Balance Dog Foods.

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sheila of Mason says:

This summer my two dogs and cat were constantly throwing up and having other gastro problems. My vet kept giving me meds and special RX dog food that masked the real problems. I finally decided to get a second opinion and the change has been unbelievable. All three of my animals are on Natural Balance limited ingredients and the problems stopped and their coats are silky. I will not feed them anything else ever again. Even their treats are Natural Balance. I would like to see more pet stores carry a wider selection of their products as it seems to fly off the shelves.


Rowe says:

Just started my standard poodle pup and my page on Bil.Jac got the one for sensitive stomachs they eat it all dry. I don’t have to add any wet food to it you don:t have to slowly change over from other dog food and they love it. You can always take it back!



How truly sad about the state of pet food these days. Too many by-products and unsafe elements. Even Natural Balance has succumbed. I hope Dick VanPatten is listening…or he may not even care.

Natural Balance is a good mid-range dog food but nothing spectacular and overpriced for its marginal quality.


Carrie says:

I think you need to take another look at Natural Balance as a recommended brand. I used that brand for my Australian shepherds for years and I have had to change. Not only did my dogs no longer like it but it was making them sick. With further research, I found that they have been bought by a large company i.e. Purina and changed the ingredients, apparently to my dogs,


Una says:

This morning I opened a new bag of Lamb and Brown Rice (limited ingredient) dog food. Due to his food allergies my dog has been on a restrictive diet for a number of years. He has been doing fine with NB food. That is, until today… I noticed a visual change in the food itself; the pallets appear darker in color and denser. By late afternoon he had promptly vomited all of the new food. First his mid-day snack (still practically intact), then his almost fully digested breakfast. I have to agree with the previous reviewers, I too think something has changed in the ingredients/quality of this food.


Jake says:

I’ve been feeding my Pittie NB since he was 2, he is now 11 and still as active and healthy as before. The BEST food on the market bar none.


Buzz says:

I used to feed my dog NB. Once they were purchased by Del Monte a friend of mine who works for the company told me that some if their ingredients are processed at a plant overseas. That is upsetting because they advertise as being American made but in reality, that’s not the case. Not to mention it is now processed at the same plant that other Del Monte owned dog products are made. So sad, I’m going to try a new brand. Thumbs down NB.


Jessica of Tulsa says:

When I adopted my dog several years ago, she was a few years old and came with a large bag of prescription food designed for dogs with wheat allergies. After her first visit, I was informed it was unlikely she had a wheat allergy and was relieved because of the food cost over $50/bag. After she finished the bag, I purchased a more affordable bag of food for her and it made her completely miserable with scratching. Over the next few months, I tried several different foods with her to no avail, she was itchy, and suffering from chronic ear infections and digestion problems.

I had just about resigned myself to paying for the prescription dog food again when I tried Natural Balance’s Salmon and Sweet Potato formula (my dog had shown a very negative reaction to beef first and even chicken-first foods, so I knew I needed to go with a fish formula), and it was a game changer. She’s been eating nothing else for a few years now and it has significantly improved her quality of life. She has so many allergies, she can’t even have treats most dogs can eat, luckily Natural Balance has a dog cookie in the same Salmon flavour that she’s nuts for!


Krista of Danville says:

My dog suffered from loose stools on other brands, but after switching to Natural Balance her stools are very firm and easy to pick up. I really like this company. My only complaint is that I would like to see meat as the first ingredient. I also like the unique shape and size of the kibble which is shaped like a flattened disc which encourages dogs to chew rather than just swallow the kibble whole. Overall I’m very satisfied with the results of this brand and would recommend it to others. I really love that Natural Balance has so many flavours to choose from and that they make limited ingredient treats as well. Right now my dogs on sweet potato and venison.


Maxine of Philadelphia says:

My dog has been eating and enjoying NBSP&F formula kibble for the last 5 years. I just opened a new bag purchased yesterday (from a large pet chain store that is a new vendor) and noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of the kibble. It appears much drier and lacks the distinctive sheen, it is lighter in color, and it doesn’t appear to have the same thickness. I’ve included a picture that compares the new kibble with the old kibble (2 pieces of the new kibble are on the left compared to 2 pieces of the old kibble on the right). I’m wondering if there was a change in the formula and the quality of this product.

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