how to start a service dog training at home

Importance of service dog training:

If you want that your dog feels your emotions then you should train your dog. So for this, it is important that you Service Dog Trainingknow your disabilities or mental illness. Then you train your dog according to your needs .Training of dog never ends it continue for life long. When you start service dog training in two or three sessions you will come to know that how can I train my dog. If you are not able to train your dog then you himself / herself have to get information about the training of dogs.


It is a mission by which lives of many people can change. A person who is not able to hear he needs a dog for hearing on his/her behalf. A physical disable person needs a dog for picking up his/her things. The dog also brings medicine for their owner. The dog also helps his blind owner on roads and guide them in different tracks or streets and safe his/her owner from accidents Service dog trainer is able to hear the doorbells and phone rings and tells to his / her, deaf owner.

Procedure of training:

One or two years are required for training service dog. Train your dog in this manner so, that it palliates your mental illness. And behave in good manners in front of others. It is recommended that choose a reputable institute for training your service dog. You can learn a lot of rules and regulations about training your dogs by an institute .By asking different questions about how to train your dogs in institutions may help you for solving problems that occur while training.

Minimum standard for training:

There are minimum standards for service dog training ruled by service dog community. You have to follow these standards .Americans with Disabilities Act allows the disabling individual that they can keep their service dogs with them outside from home. But people ask them for proof that they actually are the service dog or not. So you should have proof about your service dog from a state and authority.

Cost of training:

Training of service dog is quite expensive some disable individuals can not afford these expenses. Some service dog expenses are up to $10000. Training expense depends on how much your dog needs training and how much time your dog needs for became a service dog. Time of training usually depends on upon the age of the dog, skills which can easily understandable to your dog and involvement of the owner in training. If you don’t have money then you can get help from different non-profit organizations which providing service dogs training. Because institute or PAWS training centers will not train your dog without money.

Skills should have in your dogs:

According to Americans with Disabilities Act, not particular skills are required for service dog training. But your dog should be able to act different commands like sit, stay, wait, down, come, recall and leave it .Because these skills make it easy to train your dog and also take minimum time for training your dog. For training of service dog, trainer or owner should learn different techniques and information to teach your dog. By your knowledge your service dog will be able to do different things for you that may not be done by other dogs.

Some pictures during the training:Service Dog Training Service Dog Training Service Dog Training Service Dog Training Service Dog Training Service Dog Training

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